Nominations Open for Student Life Awards


From the faculty member who takes extra time to help a student to the undergrads who create a non-profit organization to benefit others, the University of Guelph is filled with caring and passionate individuals. To honour those who contribute to our local, national and international communities, the University presents nine awards overseen by Student Life.

These include the Accessibility Award given to recognize the contributions of a student, staff or faculty member who actively removes barriers and creates an inclusive environment, and the Kishaadigeh Aboriginal Student Award presented to an Aboriginal student engaged in co-curricular activities that enrich his or her educational experience.

Full details about the criteria for all nine Student Life awards and instructions for nomination can be found at Questions can be emailed to Jessica Carter of Student Life at

Nominations for the “Be the Change” award, which goes to individuals and groups effecting positive change, must be in by Feb. 7. Nominations for the Gordon Nixon Leadership Award, a grant of up to $10,000 to help campus-based student organizations launch new initiatives, are due Feb. 14. Nominations for the remaining awards are due Feb. 26.