Prof. Amar Mohanty Receives International Award


Prof. Amar Mohanty, Department of Plant Agriculture and School of Engineering, was honoured Sept. 29 in Vienna, Austria, during the international conference of the BioEnvironmental Polymer Society (BEPS).

Mohanty, who is the Ontario Premier’s Research Chair in Biomaterials and Transportation, is an expert in the production of biomaterials, the technology to turn plant materials into resins, polymers and tough fibres for the production of petroleum-free plastics.

BEPS presented the Jim Hammar Memorial Service Award to Mohanty in recognition of his research accomplishments, his contributions to the society and his role as an ambassador for the field.

The award is named for the late W. James Hammar, a founder of the society and a division scientist at 3M with a distinguished research career and a strong passion for scientific excellence. The award is presented every two years to a BEPS member who exemplifies the qualities of service and dedication inspired by Mr. Hammar.