Senate Approves Graduate Degree Completion Policy


The University Senate has approved a comprehensive policy outlining maximum registration times for the completion of graduate programs.

Currently, there are several policies about maximum time limits for graduate degree completion. Information about expected completion times is published in the graduate calendar but is not well understood or communicated to students or advisors. Senate was told during its May 30 meeting that enforcement of the time limitations is also inconsistent across departments and colleges.

Senate’s Board of Graduate Studies has recommended pulling the existing regulations into one comprehensive policy. The new policy will support the student experience by providing clear expectations of the time to completion in the admission letter. In addition, an early-warning system paired with regular progress reports will allow students and advisors to adjust study plans as necessary. And a clearly outlined appeal mechanism will be available for students who are unable to complete on time due to extenuating circumstances.

The full policy, including program duration expectations, is available on the Senate website.