CPES Creates a New Faculty, CIS Changes its Name


The College of Physical and Engineering Science (CPES) is getting a new faculty and a new name for one of its departments.

On May 31, the U of G Senate approved a proposal to create the faculty of physical and mathematical sciences that will include the CPES departments of physics, chemistry, and mathematics and statistics.

The proposal is part of academic restructuring taking place in the college. In a memo to Senate, dean Tony Vannelli stressed that the new faculty is not dismantling the current academic departments; rather, it’s a strategic partnership allowing the departments to work together to take advantage of research, teaching and fundraising opportunities. It’s also intended to improve the delivery of the overall programs and majors in the college.

In addition, the Department of Computing and Information Science (CIS) is being renamed the School of Computer Science. It will fall within the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences, which was created last year and combines the School of Engineering and CIS. The name change reflects the integration of the two units and treats computer science as a professional unit likes its partner, according to CIS chair Deb Stacey.