As students approach the end of the semester and upcoming project deadlines, U of G’s SHINE Mental Well-being Awareness Week can help them keep things in perspective and protect their mental well-being. SHINE Week promotes mental wellness and provides students with support resources. The week runs March 21 to 26 and includes a bonus event on March 29.

“This semester has been an interesting one for students between the initial lockdown in January and coming back to campus more regularly for the first time in a few years,” says Rebecca Skelhorn, Wellness Educator in Student Wellness Services. “More than ever, students are looking for opportunities to re-connect with each other and the U of G community.” Skelhorn says SHINE Week aims to support students in making those connections to help boost their overall well-being, and to celebrate their hard work.

The week includes events such as:

  • Roller Dance workshop
  • Jack.Org’s Mindful Art Night
  • Art with Impact’s Movies for Mental Health

See the full event listing on the Student Wellness website.

SHINE Week includes over 30 online and in-person events from a number of campus partners. The events are designed to help support student mental health, and include workshops and training, discussion groups and social and physical activities.

“Our goal for this semester’s SHINE Week is to emphasize that caring for our mental health isn’t just important, but it can be fun and something that enriches our lives in a variety of ways,” says Skelhorn. “We’ve planned a week full of events to help students have fun and find new tools they can use in their daily lives.”

All SHINE: Mental Well-being Awareness Week events are free. All students, staff and faculty are encouraged to attend.