Dr. Maya Goldenberg

Dr. Maya Goldenberg, a professor in the Department of Philosophy who researches vaccine hesitancy, has spoken to several news outlets in recent days regarding the effectiveness of vaccine mandates.

She spoke to the Toronto Star about the role teachers will play on educating students about vaccines once classes resume next month

Speaking to NPR’s Boise State Public Radio News, Goldenberg discussed what is required to make people trust health and government authorities so that they agree with vaccine mandates.

Goldenberg also appeared on CBC Radio’s Cross-Country Checkup to discuss vaccine mandates as an election issue. She said mandates can be effective with those who still haven’t “gotten around” to getting the shots but can backfire if imposed too stringently, compelling some to refuse them outright.

The author of Vaccine Hesitancy: Public Trust, Expertise, and the War on Science, she studies the philosophy of science and medicine and why some people become wary of science.