Dr. Sean Lyons

Dr. Sean Lyons, a professor in the Department of Management, spoke to the Toronto Star about why Generation X adults are so eagerly registering to get the Astra Zeneca vaccines in pharmacies, despite the concerns that have been raised about the vaccine.

Lyons said it seems Gen X’ers have been better at authenticating news reports, whereas baby boomers may be more susceptible to conspiracy theories, though he added his observation was purely anecdotal.

Lyons researches inter-generational differences and their impacts on workplace dynamics and management.

Prof. Maya Goldenberg
Prof. Maya Goldenberg

Dr. Maya Goldenberg, a professor in the Department of Philosophy, also spoke to the Toronto Star for a separate article about Gen X “vaxxies” — the trend for those getting the AstraZeneca vaccine to post selfies of themselves getting the shot.

She said Gen X’ers are essentially acting as “vaccine ambassadors” with these images, and may help influence those who are hesitating to go ahead and get the shot.

Goldenberg specializes in the philosophy of science and medicine and ger research in recent years has focused on why some people refuse vaccines or become wary of science.