U of G Food Economist Appears on TVO’s The Agenda

Dr. Mike Von Massow wears headphones while on a video call

Dr. Mike Von Massow appears on TVO’s The Agenda

Dr. Michael von Massow, a food economist and professor in U of G’s Department of Food, Agriculture and Resources, appeared as a panelist on TVO’s The Agenda With Steve Paikin Monday night to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on farming.

Among the topics discussed were a look at how Ontario’s food system has responded to the pandemic, how it’s affected food security and the steps being taken – and that still need to be taken — to help farmers better protect the safety of agri-food workers across the province.

He also examined why food prices are rising and why we may need to accept that we don’t pay enough for food.

Von Massow studies the structure and performance of food supply chains. He has been tracking how the pandemic has affected grocery and restaurant food buying habits as well as how the food system has coped with the vast shifts the pandemic has wrought.

Watch the episode below: