As U of G students adjust to life and learning during a pandemic, the University is working hard to support them. U of G’s SHINE: Mental Well-Being Week runs Nov. 9 to 14,  promoting mental wellness and providing students with resources to help.

“Now more than ever, we need opportunities to come together, connect and support one another,” said Alison Burnett, director of Student Wellness. “This continues to be exceptionally difficult during the global pandemic, but we are committed to our students’ well-being.”

SHINE Week involves more than 15 free online events to help support student mental health, including:

  • a resource fair
  • discussion groups
  • workshops and training
  • social and physical activities

See the full event listing on the Student Wellness website.

“We need to ensure people still have spaces to come together to talk about their mental well-being,” said Burnett.

All students, staff and faculty are encouraged to attend.

The week’s capstone event is the Let’s Talk Mental Health Panel on Nov. 11, 5:30-7 p.m., on Teams Live. Student and staff panellists will share their experiences with mental health, followed by a Q & A period.

“People are having a tough time right now, so it’s important for students to know they aren’t alone,” said Rebecca Skelhorn, wellness educator. “As our panellists share their stories about seeking help to navigate their mental health and wellness, we hope U of G students will find comfort and hope to support their own well-being.”