Veterinary Disease Expert on Livestock and the New Coronavirus

a photo of Scott Weese holding a petri dish

Prof. Scott Weese

Can, pigs, poultry and other livestock become infected with COVID-19?

That’s the question the Western Producer recently asked of Prof. Scott Weese, the head of infection control at U of G’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC).

Weese explained that while some viruses, such as rabies, can infect nearly all mammals, other viruses infect a narrow group of animals. The new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is predominantly a human disease, but some animals, including a tiger and at least two dogs, have also been infected.

“Sometimes they get infected and don’t get sick. That’s good for the animal, but we still need to know if they can spread it or not,” Weese said.

Weese is a veterinary internal medicine specialist with the Department of Pathobiology at OVC. He researches many types of animal infection, including rabies and tick-borne diseases as well as antimicrobial resistance.

He is available for interviews.


Prof. Scott Weese