CTV Morning Show Speaks With U of G Disease Modeller


Prof. Amy Greer

Prof. Amy Greer, Department of Population Medicine, spoke to CTV’s Your Morning about the concept of “natural immunity” for the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Greer explained that typically with many viral infections, immunity can occur either through vaccination or simply by infection with the illness. Those who are “naturally immune” can act as a “buffer,” she said, slowing down wider transmission to others.

While some believe that recovery from COVID-19 confers immunity, Greer cautioned this is still a new virus and there is much we don’t understand about it — including what role children play in transmission.

Greer is the Canada Research Chair in Population Disease Modelling. She is currently creating disease transmission models to help the federal government assess how the new coronavirus is spreading and the efficacy of federal and provincial mitigation efforts.