U of G Prof Quoted in COVID-19 Story on Kraft Dinner Demand


Prof. Evan Fraser

The Financial Post reported on March 20 that the Kraft Heinz Co. plant in Montreal is working around the clock to meet the growing demand for Kraft Dinner – demand that’s up by 35 per cent as a result of COVID-19 panic buying. The story quoted U of G Prof. Evan Fraser for perspective on the manufacturing process.

Fraser is Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security and director of the Arrell Food Institute at U of G. He told FP that the just-enough model – producing only what stores need in a given period – is the most common inventory management method in Canada. Maintaining a large inventory is expensive, even for products with a long shelf life.

“If you want a big warehouse full of Kraft Dinner, you’re going to have to have a big warehouse, and you’re going to have to have that climate-controlled and built in such a way that rats and insects can’t get into it,” he said.

The current model makes it challenging to meet dramatic increases in demand, he said.