OVC, Arrell Leaders Discuss COVID-19 Legacy in Commentary


Prof. Shayan Sharif

Profs. Shayan Sharif of U of G’s Ontario Veterinary College and Evan Fraser of the Arrell Food Institute contributed a commentary to iPolitics about the many lessons that will be learned from the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Prof. Evan Fraser

The authors say it’s important that we analyze the world’s response to this pandemic so that we are better prepared for the next one.

With much of the world engaged in “social distancing” on a global scale, researchers will need to learn to what extent these extraordinary measures have helped reduce transmission. Which closures have been most effective is another question that will need to be analyzed.

The many lessons to be learned will be the one silver lining of this pandemic, they write.

Sharif studies poultry immunology and is the associate dean of research and graduate studies at OVC. Fraser is an expert in food security amid climate change and globalization and is the director of U of G’s Arrell Food Institute.