Your dining choices can help create a greener campus.

The recent Waste Free Ontario Act requires broader public sector institutions – including universities – to divert waste from landfill systems into compostable waste streams. Hospitality Services has introduced three new sustainability initiatives in the University Centre food court to support the legislation and help us all make sustainable choices.

“We believe everyone should have access to ethical waste disposal,” says Natalie Vasilivetsky, environmental sustainability coordinator. “This is an important way for U of G to show its commitment to international environmental goals.”

Reduce, Reuse, Rethink

The UC food court is cutting waste from single-use plates and cutlery. Now you have three choices:

  1. Reduce: choose china plates, beverage tumblers and stainless cutlery when you’re dining in the UC. Drop off your used dishes at one of the two sorting stations (by Starbucks or the back seating area past Mom’s Kitchen).
    Cost: Free.
  2. Reuse: join the “green container” program and have access to handy, #iamreusable containers and cutlery to take on the go.
    Cost: $5 to join the program for your whole time at U of G. Ask about it in the food court.
  3. Rethink: compostable takeout containers and cutlery are available when you need to dine on the run.
    Cost: $1 whenever you choose this option.

Self-Serve Weigh and Pay

Food waste is a global problem we can tackle together.

Priced sample food plate
Priced sample plate at Moms Kitchen

In the UC food court, customers can serve themselves at Mom’s Kitchen and Nature’s Best. This gives you the ability to dish up exactly as much as you’re hungry for, helping reduce the amount of food wasted.

How to Weigh and Pay

  1. Choose your container from the options above.
  2. Check out the priced sample portions at Nature’s Best and Mom’s Kitchen for an idea of what your meal will cost.
  3. Create your meal and dish out what you want – each option costs $2.19 per 100 g.
    Need advice? Managers and chefs are on hand to help
  4. Bring your meal to the cashier to have it weighed.
  5. Pay and you’re on your way!

Just want a side?
Feeling peckish, but don’t want a whole meal? Look for pre-packaged side dishes in recyclable containers between Nature’s Best and Mom’s Kitchen.

Cost: $3.38 for a two-side combo.

Sorting Stations: Dishes and Cutlery | Compostables | Recyclables | Garbage

Make sure your meal waste goes to the right place! Two sorting stations are now available in the UC. Sustainability Office volunteers are on hand to help you figure out what goes where.

Sorting station

Use the sorting stations for:

  • Returning dishes for washing
  • Composting leftover food and appropriate containers
  • Recycling bottles, cans and paper
  • Throwing out garbage

Just Ask!

Hospitality Services is here to help customers get comfortable with these new systems. Here’s who you can ask for help:

  • Staff members in the UC food court or the Green Team volunteers at the sorting stations
  • Email Nick Anbeek, UC food court manager at
  • Follow the @HospitalityUofG green dining journey on Facebook and Twitter and track progress using #zerowasteuofg and #iamresuable