Prof. Tamara Small

Prof. Tamara Small, from the Department of Political Science, appeared in a Guardian article about Justin Trudeau’s public image four years after his election as prime minster.

Small noted how Trudeau mounted an aggressive social media campaign ahead of the 2015 election to promote his campaign based on the values of the just society relying heavily on photos — both official and non– for his campaign.

Her research interests focus is digital politics: use and impact of the Internet by Canadian political actors. In addition to conducting research on e-campaigning in the last five Canadian federal elections, she has published work on political memes and on the regulatory framework for digital technologies in Canadian elections.

Small researches the digital influence in Canadian election campaigns, focusing on the use and impact of the Internet. She is the co-author of Fighting for Votes: Parties, the Media and Voters in an Ontario Election, and co-editor of Political Communication in Canada: Meet the Press, Tweet the Rest