OVC Vet Talks Pets And Pot Overdoses With CBC


Prof. Shane Bateman

Prof. Shane Bateman, a critical care specialist at U of G’s Ontario Veterinary College, spoke to CBC Kitchener-Waterloo about the problem of pets accidentally ingesting cannabis and developing THC toxicity.

Bateman said it’s hard to know how many cases of cannabis poisoning there have been in Canadian pets since marijuana was legalized, as it’s still early days. He said he rarely sees such cases, since most vets can manage the poisoning on their own without the need for a critical care specialist.

But he noted the problem is worrying and recommended that to avoid accidental ingestion that dog owners limit off-leash walks, so as to prevent their animals from eating leftover joints or other cannabis-infused items.

Bateman is a veterinarian in U of G’s Department of Clinical Studies as well as an emergency clinician at OVC Health Sciences Centre.