CTV News Speaks with U of G Expert on Cancer And The Microbiome

photo of Prof. Emma Allen-Vercoe standing in her lab

Prof. Emma Allen-Vercoe

Prof. Emma Allen-Vercoe, from the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, offered her thoughts to CTV National News  over the weekend about new research that uses fecal transplants to boost melonama treatment success.

She said she thought the idea that the microbiome can be used to help “fine-tune” cancer treatments designed to modulate the immune system is not far-fetched to people like here, who have been researching the microbiome for years.

Allen-Vercoe has gained international recognition for her studies of the gut microbiome and its importance in human health and disease. She helped developed a treatment for C. difficile infection and has studied colorectal cancer, diabetes and illnesses in preterm babies.

She is also is one of 14 international researchers who has received funding Cancer Research UK to study connections between microbes in the body and cancer, for a project called Opportunity to Investigate the Microbiome’s Impact on Science and Treatment in Colorectal Cancer (OPTIMISTICC).