U of G DNA Barcoding Project Featured on Australian Radio


Prof. Paul Hebert

Prof. Paul Hebert, director of U of G’s Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, appeared over the weekend on a radio program on Australia’s public broadcaster, ABC.

The RN Science Show looked at the ambitious, seven-year-long field barcoding project that has just begun in which researchers at 2,500 sites around the world are collecting plant, animal and insect specimens. The aim of the project, called BIOSCAN, is to identify every known plant and animal on the planet, as well as to discover new ones.

The project is being led by the International Barcode of Life consortium founded by Hebert and based at U of G.

Hebert was joined by researchers from the University of Adelaide, the University of Sydney, the Australian Museum and more.

The full episode is available on the RN Science Show website.