U of G Experts Offer Food Prices Commentary to Globe and Mail

a photo of Prof. Simon Somogyi

Prof. Simon Somogyi

Three researchers with U of G’s Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics have written a new commentary for The Globe and Mail about how trouble at the U.S.-Mexico border is pushing up fruit and vegetable prices for Canadians.

Prof. Simon Somogyi, the Arrell Chair in the Business of Food, Andrew Nixon, a U of G PhD student and Kimberly Thomas-Francois, a U of G postdoctoral fellow, co-wrote the commentary.

The recent threats from the U.S. to close its border with Mexico is delaying produce shipments into Canada, leading to higher prices — and threatening our country’s food security, the trio write.

Somogyi is a member of U of G’s Arrell Food Institute and studies agri-food value chain management and agribusiness marketing management. He recently co-wrote Canada’s Food Price Report, which found that the average Canadian family can expect to spend more than $400 more on food in 2019, mostly because of more expensive fruit and vegetables.