U of G Expert Available to Discuss Vaccine Hesitancy

a photo of Prof. Maya Goldenberg

Prof. Maya Goldenberg

Amid growing outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses such as measles, why are there still so many who choose not to vaccinate their children or themselves?

Prof. Maya Goldenberg, with U of G’s Department of Philosophy, has long examined this question and is available to discuss what she has learned.

Goldenberg’s research addresses the fundamental question of: “How do we know what to believe?” In recent years, she has focused much of her work on vaccine hesitancy.

She has found there is an assumption that those who choose not to vaccinate simply do not understand science. In fact, many who mistrust vaccines are well educated. She sees the anti-vaccination trend as symptomatic of a broken trust in both doctors and the medical establishment as a whole.

In a new article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Goldenberg argues that rather than puzzling over the “moral failings” of those who have vaccination concerns, efforts would be better placed on building trust in public institutions and in health providers.

She also appears in a CMAJ podcast discussing why vaccine hesitancy still persists.


Prof. Maya Goldenberg