U of G Psych Prof Quoted in CNN Business Story About Female CEOs

Prof. Leanne Son Hing

Psychology Prof. Leanne Son Hing

A lack of access to the boss may be a contributing factor preventing females from climbing the corporate ladder, according to a CNN Business story.

U of G psychology professor Leanne Son Hing is quoted in the article, which is focused on an American study that found that men have more access to senior leadership than women.  Son Hing said when more women are represented in leadership roles, their chances of being considered for key opportunities improve.

The more women there are in upper management and research and development roles, and the more women there are in general across the entire organization, the better the chances of attaining senior management positions.

Son Hing’s research is focused on social justice issues, especially the disparities or inequalities that exist between individuals and groups in terms of status, power, and income in the workplace.

She is a senior fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research in the Successful Societies Program.