Prof Featured in CTV Talking About Food Waste at Home


Mike von MassowProf. Mike von Massow appeared in a CTV News story on June 5 talking about food waste and best-before dates.

A professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, von Massow said the best-before date is probably one of the least understood pieces of information on food packaging. He explained that best-before dates and expiration dates are not interchangeable. Expiration dates are applied to products such as baby formula, meal replacements and some supplements. Best-before dates indicate when a product is past its peak freshness, but don’t necessarily mean you can’t eat it, said von Massow.

The CTV story cited a recent study claiming that best-before dates are a major contributor to food waste in Canada.

Von Massow studies structure and performance of food value chains, economics of food demand and pricing strategy.