AI and Discrimination: The Walrus Interviews U of G Prof

Prof. Graham Taylor

Prof. Graham Taylor

Prof. Graham Taylor was interviewed by The Walrus for a story about racism and sexism in artificial intelligence applications.

Much of AI technology — and its search engines and facial-recognition systems — has been developed in a way that does not recognize human diversity, the article posits. While certain technologies are prized for their neutrality, said the writer, this isn’t always the case.

A professor in U of G’s School of Engineering, Taylor was interviewed about deep learning — a branch of machine learning inspired by the way our brains work. Deep learning works with large data sets and can solve problems quickly and isn’t limited to the knowledge of the expert who defines the rules, he explained.

Taylor leads U of G’s Machine Learning Research Group at U of G and is a member of the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence based in Toronto. He studies statistical machine learning and biologically-inspired computer vision, with an emphasis on deep learning and time series analysis.