#HeForShe: Business Journalist Shares Thoughts on Leadership and Success


(Photo courtesy CBC)

The journey to success isn’t always a cakewalk.

That’s the message that top business journalist Amanda Lang will share with U of G students and the community as she delivers a lecture as part of the University’s #HeForShe campaign for gender equality.

“I am absolutely delighted that Amanda Lang will be joining us on campus,” said Julia Christensen Hughes, dean of the College of Business and Economics (CBE). “As a business journalist in a predominantly male field, Amanda has been a role model to many people with an interest in business and financial markets.”

The lecture, which will be hosted by CBE and the Gryphons football team, is part of the Gryphon athletes’ ongoing involvement in the United Nations #HeForShe campaign – a global campaign in which men stand up for women and show support for gender equality.

The free public talk and book signing will take place on Tuesday, March 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the W.F. Mitchell Athletic Centre at U of G.

“We are proud to be a part of an opportunity to continue to help promote gender equality,” said varsity football coach Kevin MacNeill. “The inequality has been fostered by men, and we need to be more active in the movement to change attitudes and actions to reflect our belief in equity.”

MacNeill says the team is working to create a generation of men who will become strong, well-grounded and dedicated members of their communities.

Lang will talk about her new book, The Beauty of Discomfort, and insights she’s gleaned from meeting and interviewing major business people. Her first book, The Power of Why, was about finding and knowing your purpose.

In her new volume, she says the path to success involves uncomfortable moments, and that being able to tolerate discomfort can ultimately pay off.

“Her core message couldn’t be more timely or inspiring to our students, faculty and community members who truly want to get the most out of life – know your purpose and embrace discomfort in getting there,” says Christensen Hughes.