Prof Discusses Frozen Food Myths With Global News


Prof. Jess Haines was featured in a Jan. 20 Global TV news report on frozen vegetables and fruits.

Despite popular belief, frozen fruits and vegetables are generally nutritionally equal to fresh ones, says Haines, a professor in the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition.

As well, something that has been flash-frozen as it is harvested is preferable to something that’s out of season and has had to travel long distances, she says. Frozen vegetables and fruits are also less expensive.

At U of G, Haines develops and tests family-based interventions aimed at promoting healthful eating, activity and sleep behaviours. She directs the Parent-Child Feeding Laboratory and is the associate director of the Guelph Family Health Study. Before joining U of G, she was a faculty member in the obesity prevention program in the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School.