Prof to Address National Finance Senate Committee


Prof. Ryan Gibson

A University of Guelph professor will share his knowledge of rural Canada with the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance May 3.

Ryan Gibson, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, will testify during a 6:45 p.m. session in Ottawa. His testimony will be available online via video webcast.

The committee has been studying design and delivery of the government’s infrastructure commitment, and has asked Gibson to address the effects of future infrastructure investments on rural development in Canada.

Gibson will discuss ongoing research initiatives, with input from colleagues at the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation, the Rural Development Institute at Brandon University and the Rural Policy Learning Commons.

As the Libro Professor of Regional Economic Development at U of G, Gibson studies rural and regional development, governance, philanthropy and public policy. He is the president of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network and a past president of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation.