Student Life Recognized for Innovative Program


The transition from high school to university can be difficult for some students. That’s why U of G offers a program called University Inroads to help first-year students adjust to a new academic environment. Students are invited to participate in small academic sessions during orientation.

Among participants, 72 per cent said they had successfully adjusted to the University’s academic demands – up from 63 per cent before the program was launched – and 60 per cent reported a better understanding of what to expect academically, up from 48 per cent.

The program received an Innovative Program Award from the National Orientation Directors Association. The annual award recognizes a program offering a unique approach to a specific campus concern that helps university officials address student needs.

Offered by the Centre for New Students in Student Life, the program was created by program counsellors and staff from Learning Services, the office of the associate vice-president (academic), Student Housing, the Central Student Association and Interhall Council.