Hunger Fighters Named Auburn Fellows


Two recent U of G graduates have been named fellows of the Hunger Solutions Institute at Auburn University in Alabama, in part because of their leadership in Guelph initiatives to eradicate hunger. They are Gavin Armstrong, B.Comm. ’11, now a PhD student in U of G’s Department of Biomedical Sciences, and Adam Little, B.Sc. ’10 and DVM ’13, a development ambassador at Guelph-based LifeLearn Inc., where he is involved in the application of new sensor and monitoring technologies to improve the health of pets.

Little is also part of a team formed during a summer graduate program at Singularity University in California; team members studied technologies to culture meat in a laboratory environment, i.e. lab-grown hamburger, as an alternative to intensive livestock production.

Armstrong is working with the Lucky Iron Fish Project, a U of G initiative to address the problem of iron deficiency among rural villagers in Cambodia.

Auburn University was creator of the international student project Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH). U of G students joined the project in 2011 and hosted the first UFWH summit outside the United States.