New Course Covers Food Risks for Experts


Can the food industry better control the safety of their products? What risks come with new products, processes or markets? Considering the recent cases of E. coli contamination of food, the time is right to seek answers to these questions.

A new short course offered by the University of Guelph’s Department of Food Science will help small or large manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, production and quality assurance experts, and retail supervisors learn more about risk assessment, management and communication.

The course, called “International Food Risk Analysis,” will be held at U of G May 29 to 31.

Instructors are food science professors Mansel Griffiths, Arthur Hill, Massimo Marcone and Angela Tellez, engineering professor Valerie Davidson and Nenge Azefor Njongmeta, senior scientist with Kraft Foods – USA.

Participants will learn how to make better decisions under uncertainty, how to evaluate the impact and likelihood of food hazards, and how to communicate risk effectively to suppliers, customers and staff.

To register, visit the website.

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