Online Mental Health Program Well-Received


FeelingBetterNow® (FBN), an online mental health program that provides anonymity to the user, has yielded encouraging results on campus, according to the first semi-annual report on FBN by Student Health Services. Since the two- year trial of FBN launched in September 2010, there have been 1,298 visits to the website; 478 students completed the program and 234 students were returning users.

The comprehensive program approved by the College of Family Physicians of Canada offers reliable, confidential information on mental health issues such anxiety and depression. Through a series of questions, FBN assesses the user’s mental health and provides feedback and strategies for self-help, a list of campus resources and advice for seeking professional help. The information is available 24/7 without an appointment.

Student Health Services anticipates increased utilization of FBN as part of the University’s strategy to support the well-being and mental health of students.

For additional information, contact Melanie Bowman at Ext. 56046, or visit the FBN website at