Senate Approves Outcomes of Secondary Areas of Study Review


Implementation of the final recommendations of the University of Guelph Senate report “Review of Secondary Areas of Study,” was approved by Senate during the last meeting of the 2010-2011 academic year.

One of Senate’s priorities over the past several years has been the renewal of the undergraduate curriculum, based on recommendations from the 21st-Century Curriculum Committee. The recommendations included directions to program committees to review, rationalize and revise as necessary existing minors, areas of concentration and areas of emphasis on the basis of low enrollments, unsustainable curricula and/ or overlapping curricula. As well, the process for declaring a specialization has been simplified, and the signature of a program counsellor will no longer be required.

In addition to the deletion and reorganization of a number of minors, Senate also approved new majors in biodiversity, and wildlife biology and conservation in the B.Sc. program, and an environmental science major in the B.Sc.(Env.) program.