Student Leaders Condemn Hate Graffiti


Members of the University of Guelph,

As you may have already heard, several instances of hateful graffiti appeared on the sides of campus buildings here at the University of Guelph during early September. Shortly after one incident, president Alastair Summerlee asked students to come together to condemn these acts of hate and intolerance.

We, the student organizations, leaders, and senators of the University of Guelph want to make it very clear to members of this campus community that actions of this nature are completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The University of Guelph is a place accepting of all types of persons regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other various backgrounds.

We hereby condemn these actions of hate that took place on our campus. We encourage members of the University community to come forward to Campus Community Police (Ext. 52245) with any information regarding these instances of hate. We also encourage all members of the campus community to create an atmosphere of positive culture for all to enjoy.

Signed by,

Josh Leyte-Jammu, B.Commerce Senator

Holly McGill, 2012 SF-OAC Representative

Danielle Boes, CVSA President


Jon Belanger, GSA President

Gavin Armstrong, B.Commerce Senator

Joanna MacDonald, B.Environmental Sciences Senator

Derek Alton, B.Arts Senator

Alisha Fernandes, B.Arts & Sciences Senator

Sarah Thompson, DVM Senator

Stephanie Butler, Guelph-Humber Senator

Allison Webb, B.Science Senator (SSC Co-Chair)

Guillaume Blais, B.Science Senator (SSC Co-Chair), B of G Representative

Hailey Zysman, Guelph-Humber Senator

Majid Hassas-Roudsari, OAC Graduate Senator

Kaitlyn Townsley, B.Science Senator

Wyatt Carss, B.Computing Senator

Kevin Bowman, CSA Academic and University Affairs Commissioner

Martin Straathof. B.Arts Senator


Isdin Oke, CPES-SC President

Amanda Rosborough, VP External Affairs CVSA, SCVMA