Prof. Ryan Gregory Receives Young Scientist Award


Prof. Ryan Gregory, Integrative Biology, is the recipient of the 2010 Genetics Society of Canada Robert H. Haynes Young Scientist Award. The Award recognizes a notable paper or series of related papers based on original research in genetics or allied fields. The research must be completed and published by the candidate in a refereed journal during the 15 years period immediately following the completion of a first degree.

An expert in genome evolution, Gregory’s work began in 2000 with studies of the relationships between genome size, cell size, developmental complexity and metabolic rates.

He was instrumental in gathering the experts in this area to publish their findings in The Evolution of the Genome and he maintains and curates a comprehensive catalogue of animal genome size data. In addition to his scientific work, he has been strongly involved in the popularization of science and has written education articles, organized meetings and been involved in outreach productions.