#UofG Student Leaders Encourage Students to Get Vaccinated

[Gentle music. Students appear on screen one by one from home, from their backyards, from their rooms. Each student looks into the camera and makes a statement.]

Akshaya Chandrashekar, CVSA president: We’ve all faced obstacles during this pandemic. And we know it’s been hard.

Lauren Lanni, Gryphon Women’s hockey captain: Vaccines are rolling out across Canada. We’re getting closer to our normal.

Teo Jean-Gaston, Gryphon Men’s football captain: To getting back to campus, back to our homes.

Tay Smith, Orientation team facilitator: Gryphons, the ball is in our court. It’s time to do our part.

Tori Wakeford, president of the Lang Student Association: We ask, if you’re able, get your vaccination.

Josh Moran, president OAC Student Federation: It will protect you, it will protect your fellow Gryphon.

Travis Shields, secretary, OAC Student Federation: Sitting next to you in class.

Paige Westerman, social media ambassador, Student Experience: Standing in line for your morning coffee.

Nicole Walker, CSA president: Or working out beside you at the gym.

Chandrashekar: The unknown can be scary. So do your research.

Smith: There are a lot of myths out there, so understand the facts.

Jean-Gaston: And know that getting the vaccine will help all of us get back to normal.

Shields: I’m tired of studying at home.

Wakeford: I’m done with Zoom.

Westerman: I’m ready to see my classmates.

Walker: I’m ready to get back to campus.

Chandrashekar: But the only way to do it.

Jean-Gaston: Is we all play our part.

[Ends on gentle music.]