Local Seafood Suppliers Net Sales During COVID-19: U of G Study

Image of a boat carrying two people on an open body of water

Red screen slides and cuts to the heading “news” across

An image of a fish being removed from a mesh net. To the left is a semi transparent black circle with the text, “COMING UP Local Seafood Suppliers net Sales During COVID-19: U of G Study” Below a UG News avatar animates.

A red screen slides across cutting to the text, “When it comes to selling seafood during the pandemic, “boat to fork” has proved a winning recipe.” At the bottom of the screen there is a black bar with the text UG NEWS in the left hand corner. This template remains in place with the remaining photos in the video.

Image of a boat carrying two people on an open body of water with text overtop that reads, “U of G Dr. Philip Loring and Dr. Joshua Stoll of University of Maine found alternative seafood networks (ASNs) have thrived on local and direct sales during COVID-19. Some reported 100-per-cent increase in sales.”


Image of an outdoor market with assign that reads, “seafood producers cooperative”, over the image text reads, “Many suppliers normally sell their catch to restaurants and instead found ways to use social networks to reroute their catch directly to consumers.”

Image of a boat harbour with text on top that reads, “This research offers an important case-in-point about the value of having a diversity of approaches and scales of production in our food systems, whether in seafood or agriculture,” – Dr. Philip Loring, Arrell Chair is Food, Policy and Society, University of Guelph

Image of a boat on the water carrying two people, with text on top that reads, “ASNs can offer a model for marketing and distribution post pandemic, where all kinds of food commodities can thrive alongside the bigger players.”


Cut to white screen with University of Guelph logo and tagline, “Improve Life.”