I Am a Gryphon

I Am a Gryphon
Caring. Determined. Engaged. Respectful. Authentic.
#CaringInCovid #GryphonCare

I am caring. In my daily interactions I am kind, compassionate, supportive and honest. I want others to feel welcome here and will do my part to convey a caring sense of community.

I am determined. I want to achieve the highest goals I can envision, and I will do so with integrity, perseverance and courage. I will welcome a helping hand when I need it and extend mine to others along the way.

I am engaged. Contributing to the life of my campus and community is important to me. I will strive to meet my commitments and offer my best effort. I will be held accountable for my actions because I understand that they reflect on all of us.

I am respectful. I am respectful of others and the physical environment we share. I have self-respect and I create space for diverse voices to be heard.

I am authentic. Being true to who I am, my values and beliefs are important to me. I recognize that every person is on a journey of self-discovery and don’t make assumptions about them or their motivations.

Be an ally
Allyship is an ongoing and lifelong process of building relationships with others.

An ally:

  • Listens to others lived experience.
  • Evaluates their own biases and perceptions.
  • Recognizes that the challenges some may be facing during this time might be different than your own.
  • “Calls in” others who spread harmful words, actions, or behaviours.

Calling in is:

  • Done privately and after the fact, rather than publicly, in the moment.
  • Invites conversation about why the behaviour was hurtful and provides someone the opportunity to reframe what was said in a more appropriate way.
  • Leads to long-term shifts in perspectives and behaviours.
  • Avoids a public condemnation that could be counterproductive.

Fostering a culture of inclusion
Be inclusive:

  • Broaden your perspectives to understand the unique needs of our diverse community.
  • Include a diverse set of voices at the decision-making table.
  • While making difficult decisions, apply an equity lens.
  • We’re all working and learning under challenging circumstances: be kind.
  • Practice patience and respect during communication.

Be there for your Gryphon Family.
We are all in this together.
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#CaringInCovid #GryphonCare