Setting: Four students are studying together at a table, all wearing varsity U of G branded clothing representing different sports teams: volleyball, hockey, football and track. Laptops, iPads, notes and coffee clutter the table. Everyone is working together preparing for a math exam.

1st student says: “All right, next question. If f(x) = 5-2x, then f-1(-3) = what?”

Camera pans to another student at the table.

2nd student: “I know the answer. It’s three!”

Camera pans back to 1st student: “That’s right.”

Back to 2nd student: “Yes! Let’s go!”

Camera frames 3rd student: “Hold on. What about this question? What’s the value of Planck’s constant?”

Students look around at each other bewildered. Camera pans to 4th student: “President Yates?”

Camera shows all the student looking eagerly, then pans to Pres. Charlotte Yates.

She says: “Actually, I know the answer. It’s 6.62607015 x 10-34 joule seconds.”

The students are amazed at her answer.

President Yates: “That’s right, study groups work. Good luck on your exams this semester and remember, support your fellow Gryphons.”

U of G logo appears.