Updated: November 24, 2021

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In order to access U of G’s campuses and University-managed facilities (including at the Guelph and Ridgetown campuses and our research facilities), faculty, staff and students must:

  • Submit proof of vaccination against COVID-19, or
  • Receive an approved exemption request.

Thank you for helping keep our community safe!

Submit your proof of vaccination – faculty, staff and students

Before accessing the University of Guelph Vaccination Proof and Exemption System, ensure you have an image or PDF of your vaccination receipts.

  • Those vaccinated in Ontario may download their vaccination receipts from the Government of Ontario website.
  • Those vaccinated outside Ontario must upload English documentation with:
    • The date the vaccines were administered
    • The country/location in which the vaccines were administered
    • The name of the vaccines administered

      Translation of documents must be completed by a certified translator. A certified translator is a member in good standing whose certification can be confirmed by a seal or stamp that shows the translator’s membership number of a professional translation association in Canada or abroad. You can find translators on the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario website.

You will be asked to provide your Central Login credentials when you sign into the system. This step helps us authenticate users, confirming they are part of the University community. It also allows us to follow up with those who submit exemption requests and ensure we can provide information to those who must participate in rapid testing. This information is for verification purposes only and passwords are not stored.

Grounds for exemption

Students, faculty and staff will be granted exemption from the University of Guelph’s mandatory vaccination requirement on the following grounds only:

To request an exemption, please complete and submit one of the two forms below:

Until you receive an approved exemption, you may not access U of G campuses or University-managed facilities. If you receive an approved exemption, you must participate in U of G’s COVID-19 rapid testing program.

Those who request an exemption may choose to be vaccinated at any time.

Rapid testing and further measures

Students, faculty and staff who receive an exemption must participate in rapid COVID-19 testing in order to access U of G campuses and University-managed facilities. Learn more about U of G’s Rapid Testing Program.

In addition, students, faculty and staff who receive an exemption must continue to strictly follow all U of G COVID-19 safety protocols including, daily screening, wearing a mask, keeping your distance when possible and cleaning your hands regularly.

Bringing People to Campus

In keeping with Ontario regulations and the University of Guelph’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, visitors, volunteers and contractors in U of G spaces must:

  • be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or
  • have documentation of a medical exemption and receive a negative COVID-19 rapid test result no more than 72 hours before accessing U of G spaces.

Visitors and Volunteers

Departments bringing visitors or volunteers to U of G spaces are responsible for ensuring such individuals comply with U of G’s Vaccination Policy (i.e., verify individuals’ vaccination status or exemption documentation and rapid test result).


Independent Contractors

All independent contractors – those who are paid directly by U of G but who do not have central login credentials – must provide proof of vaccination through the University of Guelph Vaccination Proof and Exemption System – Alternate Access.

Corporate Contractors

U of G has created a COVID-19 vaccination agreement that all corporate contractors must sign. Under the agreement, corporate contractors are responsible for ensuring their employees who access U of G facilities for more than 15 minutes are fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption from a physician/registered nurse practitioner. More information may be found on the Finance department’s Doing Business with the University webpage.