U of G’s HR Learning and Development team has identified web-based learning workshops that can provide tools, resources and skills to meet a diversity of needs as we all try to adapt to remote or challenging work conditions.

Also check out regular Learning and Development programming now available online!

Learning Snippets

Learning Snippets by Dialectic Solutions offer short lessons to help you manage the unexpected stresses of working and living during the COVID-19 pandemic. These free, two-minute lessons are sent to your inbox daily for five days. Learning Snippets provide quick, effective training to help you navigate the new professional and personal situations arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. U of G’s Learning and Development team uses programs from Dialectic Solutions, a Guelph-based organization, in some course offerings.

Visit www.learningsnippets.ca to sign up and start learning.

LinkedIn Learning Resources

Learning and Development recommends the following LinkedIn Learning Resources to assist employees with both professional and personal development.

Top 5 course recommendations for successful resilience and remote work

  1. Building Resilience
  2. Working Remotely
  3. Managing Virtual Teams
  4. Time Management: Working from Home
  5. Cultivating Mental Agility

LinkedIn Learning resources for managers: